Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, this prized archipelago in southern Europe is a rich mix of occident and orient.

A former British colony, you can improve your English and try speaking Maltese, the country’s two official languages!

The Maltese school system is compulsory until the age of 16, which marks the end of “secondary education”. After that, upper secondary education, also known as the “Sixth Form”, is for students who want to continue their studies at university.

It is in this environment that you will be immersed and can choose the subjects you wish to study.

Maltese cuisine is influenced by its proximity to Italy and North Africa, but also by British culture! You’ll be able to taste dishes that you won’t soon forget. Pastizzis, small lozenge-shaped pastries filled in different ways, are very popular on the island and cheap!

Architecturally, Malta is also worth a look! Don’t be surprised to see the famous red English telephone box! You will also be able to admire temples, architectural mixes of different eras and influences, but also be amazed by the beauty and richness of nature.


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