In a Quebec increasingly characterized by diversity, it is imperative to address the challenges of pluralism in schools. That’s why AFS Canada is offering four free training workshops to help students engage in harmonious relationships within the school.

As lived experiences are at the heart of the development of intercultural skills, we believe that real learning comes from workshops in which students can take action!

Through simulations, role plays, multi-sensory activities, and collaborative exercises, we teach students to think and act appropriately in intercultural contexts. These activities lead students to develop not only knowledge, but also the ability to act in an intercultural school environment on a daily basis.

Our training workshops



One class period


Target audience

High school students at the 2nd cycle (modules can be adapted on request for the 1st cycle)



Free of charge

AFS intercultural training workshops: for living together in a better way!

The workshops are independent, meaning that there is no order to follow. Although there is a consistency in the order, you can choose the ones you consider most relevant to prepare your students to navigate a pluralistic world.

AFS work on intercultural learning and global citizenship education is recognised by UNESCO.

Take part in the intercultural education of young people by inviting us into your classrooms!

Targeted learning objectives

The workshops respond to the following pedagogical objectives set by the  Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur:

  • Prepare students to live in a changing world
  • Socialise in a pluralistic world
  • Communicate appropriately
  •  Exercise critical judgment

To easily introduce our workshops in your classrooms, here are the school subjects that they correspond to  as well as their pedagogical objectives.

History and citizenship education Interpreting a social reality
Ethics and religious culture
Reflect on ethical issues and practice dialogue
Contemporary world Taking a stand on a contemporary world issue
French Communicate verbally in a variety of ways

Of course, our workshops are available to all teachers who are interested in having their students develop intercultural skills. Indeed, they can also be integrated into art and language classes.

Ready to use

In order to facilitate access to our intercultural workshops, we have designed ready-to-use documents for teachers, so that they are able to deliver them to their students in class.

This idea, developed before the COVID-19 pandemic, is even more important today, since our classroom meetings are not possible during this period.

These free materials are the property of AFS Interculture Canada and the content cannot be modified without prior agreement.

Download our ready-to-use

Are you interested in our workshops? Do you have any questions?

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