In a Canada increasingly characterized by diversity, it is imperative to address the challenges of pluralism in schools. We offer four free training workshops designed to help high school students develop their intercultural skills, through reflective and interactive activities.

Our workshops

Intercultural training tailored to your needs and reality

With our ready-to-use training materials, you can offer our workshops in your classroom, or host our specialized trainer, who can customize the workshop to your group/context, if needed.

We currently offer in-person workshops in and around the Montreal area.



One class period


Target audience:

High school students



It’s free!

Learning objectives

The workshops respond to the following pedagogical objectives set by the  Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur:

  • Prepare students to live in a changing world
  • Socialise in a pluralistic world
  • Communicate appropriately
  •  Exercise critical judgment

To easily introduce our workshops in your classrooms, here are the school subjects that they correspond to  as well as their pedagogical objectives.

History and citizenship education Interpreting a social reality
Ethics and religious culture
Reflect on ethical issues and practice dialogue
Contemporary world Taking a stand on a contemporary world issue
French Communicate verbally in a variety of ways

Of course, our workshops are available to all teachers who are interested in having their students develop intercultural skills. Indeed, they can also be integrated into art and language classes.

Ready-to-use training material

It is now time to download the ready-to-use training materials!

You will have access to : 

  • A training guide
  • A checklist
  • A visual aid
  • Activity annexes

Please note that these trainings are the property of AFS Interculture Canada. Content may be adapted, but not modified, without prior agreement.

Download the materials

You have questions?

Contact our Intercultural Learning Coordinator now at: [email protected]