Laos (or Lao People’s Democratic Republic) is a country without access to the South-East Asian Sea, surrounded by Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Vientiane is its capital and its official language is Lao. Laos’ motto is “Peace, Independence, Democracy, Unity and Prosperity”. Discover the former country of Laos by volunteering to participate in community development projects throughout Luang Prabang City!

Although tourism has recovered in Laos in recent years, Laos remains one of the poorest countries in the world and largely an agricultural country. By volunteering in Laos, you can contribute to sustainable projects that aim to have a long-term impact on the lives of local community members. Help us improve the quality and access to education by enabling local people to increase their future employment opportunities and improve their quality of life and that of their families.

The fusion of French and Asian culture and charm offers a magnificent setting to experience a unique culture. Come and spend your sabbatical year or vacation exploring a country rich in culture and ornate temples. Your world will be changed forever, prepare yourself for a spiritual experience. Our base is located in Luang Prabang, a relaxed city located along the Mekong River.