AFS Intercultural Programs and our distinguished partners invite those who share our Learning-to-Live-Together philosophy to the first ever 2018 AFS Global Conference: Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility, 26-28 September 2018 in Budapest.

The urgency of today’s challenges requires a united action from all—educators, policymakers, community and business leaders—who are invested in a globally-connected, peaceful future. Join us to align policies and strategies, and to share tools and resources that empower educators of all stripes, at all levels to deliver essential 21st century skills to learners at every life stage.

Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility

Today’s economies are more global, and local communities more diverse. We are now more interconnected than ever and change is moving at a faster pace. Educating people of all ages to become globally competent and able to learn, live and work together, is now more important than ever. Isolationist politics, international conflicts and clashes of ideologies add even a greater urgency to this need.

The inaugural AFS Global Conference will provide the first-of-its-kind opportunity for real alignment and cooperation among all sectors that have the need and the resources to develop global competence in classrooms, lecture halls and all learning and training environments that extend beyond formal education.

“If we don’t get global competence right, we are building our education systems on sand.”

—Andreas Schleicher, Director, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills / PISA*

Together, we’ll tackle questions such as:

  • How can all stakeholders in 21st century education connect, collaborate and align their global competence needs?
  • What resources are required of different stakeholders—individually and together—to equip and support life-long learners in ensuring that global competence development is a fundamental component of education for all?
  • What are the necessary competences, strategies and tools that educators and facilitators require to successfully foster global competence in learners?
  • How do we better integrate intercultural learning and global competence development into educator preparation and training?
  • What are innovative practices that educators and organizations have developed to advance global competence?
  • What role can civil society and community organizations play in supporting educators and learners in global competence development?
  • What is the private sector’s role in supporting global competence development?
  • What are the challenges facing all stakeholder in developing global competence and how can these be transformed into opportunities?

About the event

Two and a half days of keynote addresses, panel discussions, “Idea Date” small round table conversations and interactive workshops will be complemented by networking opportunities and an inspiring expo of best practices.

Participants will also enjoy a unique opportunity to meet local educators and community leaders dedicated to intercultural learning for an “insider’s take” on Budapest and the Hungarian educational scene in addition to a very special invitation to visit local families that host international students.

Additionally, the first AFS Global Awards ceremony will be held at the AFS Global Conference. The awards will recognize extraordinary individuals and organizations from around the world who are leading the “Learning to Live Together” movement by advancing active global citizenship, globalization of schools and institutions, and expand access to intercultural education.

Inviting all stakeholders to join in

Whether you are in a classroom, a boardroom or an assembly hall, we must work together across sectors and countries to share innovative ideas to set an urgent global competence agenda.

The 2018 AFS Global Conference will convene:

  • Educators from early childhood through post-graduate levels, plus youth organizers, student leaders, academics and experts in Global Competence Education
  • Business leaders and innovators
  • Policymakers and government representatives from ministries of education and other branches, international governing bodies (UN, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, OECD) and diplomats
  • International education and non-formal learning providers
  • Community organizations, social entrepreneurs and volunteer leaders

Join us and help us spread the word!

The call for proposals is open! You can submit proposals for a panel, workshop, poster presentation or “idea date” and be a part of this crucial conversation.

Visit to propose a session and learn more—or contact us with any questions at [email protected]

*PISA is a worldwide assessment of education systems. It will include global competence measurement for the first time ever beginning in 2018.